• Brook n Wood Sitemap 2010
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The Campground and facilities are for the enjoyment of our registered guests only.
Visitors of registered guests must pay for the use of our facilities.
This is private property. We reserve the right to enforce all the following rules for the benefit and safety of all.
Please inform us of ways to improve your camping pleasure.

Please DO help us make your stay a pleasant one by following our few rules.

DO have Fun!

DO observe our speed limit of 5 mph.

DO display your car pass and park only one car on your site. All other vehicles in designated parking areas, please.

DO keep your pet on a leash and scoop all poop!
DO enjoy them at your site, on the road and in the Pet Area only, please.

DO have children under age 18 on your campsite by 10:00PM.

DO observe 11:00PM to 8:00am quiet time.

DO keep the fire ring in its assigned location.
DO be Green and burn only wood and charcoal … cigarette butts, cans, bottles, plastic silverware and plates, etc., are rubbish!

DO put rubbish and recycling in correct containers located throughout the Campground.

DO be responsible for all personal property left unattended.

DO be respectful of fellow campers; use road instead of shortcuts thru sites to access areas of Campground.

DO supervise children under 7 years of age in restrooms, arcade and playground.

DO take your minor children with you if leaving the Campground.

DO use our change machine in the Rec Hall for quarters. It takes $1, $5 and $20.

DO leave all weapons and fireworks at home.

DO have children under 17 years of age wear helmets when riding bikes. DO ride only during daylight. DO use all other motor power vehicles off Campground property.

DO enjoy heated swimming pool. DO follow all posted pool rules. DO swim at your own risk. DO have 2 adults inside the fence before anyone swims. Adults DO accompany your children under 17 years of age to the pool. DO have unpotty-trained swimmers use a "Swim Diaper" (available in store). DO keep pool occupancy under 54.

DO help maintain the restrooms by DOing your part.
DO report problems to the office, please!

DO check out or re-register by 12:00Noon for rentals and 2:00PM for campsites.

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