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Discount Clubs, please call 888.544.3201
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Call (518) 537-6896 for Reservations!
Or Fill out this Reservation Request Form and we will be in contact to confirm availability.

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Reservation Request
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Our Hudson Valley Campground
Rates 2023 Season
April 28 thru October 9

Click here to download a PDF file with our complete 2023 rate schedule.

Our Mission: Provide camping enthusiasts a beautiful, clean, quiet, relaxing retreat to enjoy friends & family, experience nature and create wonderful memories!

Rates based on a family of 4, (includes 2 adults & 2 children under 21)
You must be at least 21 to make a reservation.

Check-in: Starts at 4:00PM (early available for a fee)
Check-out: Rentals 12:00PM Sites 2:00PM

*All sites include picnic table, fire ring & 1 vehicle per site
** Holiday Rate includes 4 days & 3 nights:
Memorial Day (5/26-29), Fourth of July (6/30-7/4), Labor Day (9/1-4) & Columbus Day (10/6-9)
*** Peak Rate: June 30 – September 4

“Spring Fling” or “Fall Frolic” Gas Saver Packages

Five weekends including one Holiday,
leave camper onsite just $860.00 / 30amp or $1005.00 / 50amp!


April 28 thru October 9

Includes site, picnic table, fire ring, and parking for one vehicle.
Daily Peak*
3-Night Holiday**
Weekly Peak*
50 amp electric, water & sewer $75.00 $78.00 $240.00 $472.00 $491.00
30 amp electric, water & sewer $70.00 $73.00 $225.00 $441.00 $460.00
30 amp electric & water $67.00 $70.00 $220.00 $422.00 $440.00
Rustic Tent (tents only) $25.00 “leave no trace” deposit required. $63.00 $66.00 $215.00 $397.00 $416.00
Here at Brook n Wood Family Campground, tent campers love our secluded, wooded tent sites near the water and bathhouse.


plus metered electric - $300 refundable deposit

July, Aug $1,275.00
April, May, June, Sept, Oct $1,135.00

Seasonal Rate

Call for Availability
Plus metered electric - $300 cash electric/clean-up deposit required

Sites available in Sections B, D, O (30 amp) & H (50 and 30 amp)
Rates range from $3,000.00 to $5,000.00 based on size of site.
(includes site, picnic table, fire ring, water, sewer, and phone ready)


Two Night Minimum
Pets and Smoking Prohibited

  • Deluxe RV Rentals
    Click to See What We Provide / What You Need To Bring

    Deluxe RV Rentals

    Living Room, Kitchen, Bedroom & Full Bathroom
    Outfitted like a time share!
    View PDFClick for information in pdf form

    Pets and Smoking Prohibited

    Rates are based on a family of 4 (2 adults and 2 minor children under 21).
    2 Night Minimum, 3 Nights on Holiday Weekends.
    Check-in is 3 PM. Check-out is 12 PM.

    **$200 CASH key & damage deposit
    due at check-in.**

    We would like you to have a very good experience camping in our Deluxe RV.
    If you have any questions – please call us before arriving, 888-588-8622.

    What we supply!

    Bedding - Sheets, Blankets, Pillows
    Pots & Pans, Utensils
    Bath Towels & Pool Towels
    Fire Ring & 4 Chairs
    Propane BBQ Grille
    Picnic Table
    Toaster & Coffee Pot
    Dishes, Silverware, Glasses
    Fire Extinguisher & Smoke Alarm
    Broom & Dust Pan
    Waste Basket
    Air Conditioning & Heat
    Deck with Awning
    TV, DVD Player, Radio & CD Sound System

    What should you bring!

    Personal items. Food & Drinks. Swim Suits, the pool is heated ☺.
    The campground store sells – ice, campfire wood, charcoal, camper propane, non-refillable propane cylinders, campfire wood, paper goods, food stuffs and other sundries.
Our Deluxe RV Rental offers you all the comforts of home ...
... right here at Brook n Wood Family Campground!
Bunkhouse RV Rental Floorplan at Brook n Wood Campground
Bunkhouse RV Rental Exterior at Brook n Wood Campground
Queen RV Rental Floorplan at Brook n Wood Campground

Deluxe RVs

$200.00 key & damage cash deposit required.

Daily Peak*
Weekly Peak*
Deluxe RVs $239.00 $244.00 $732.00 $1,505.00 $1,535.00
Travel trailer with slide-outs, sleeps 8, two bedrooms, living room, full kitchen, full bath, linens, dishes, microwave, BBQ grille, TV, radio, covered deck, picnic table, fire ring, on-site parking one car.
  • Rustic Cabins
    Click to See What We Provide / What You Need To Bring

    Rustic Bunkhouse Camping Cabins

    View PDFClick for information in pdf form

    Rates are based on a family of 4 (2 adults and 2 children under 21).
    2 Night Minimum Stay, 3 Nights on Holiday Weekends.
    Check-in is 3 PM. Check out is 12 PM.

    Pets and Smoking Prohibited

    **$25 refundable key and damage deposit due at check-in.**

    Very close to Bath House with showers, dressing rooms, toilets, sinks and outside utility sink for dish washing.

    We would like you to have a very great experience camping in our cabin.
    If you have any questions – please call us before arriving, 888.588.8622.

    What we supply!

    Double bed with mattress
    & mattress covers
    Twin beds bunk style - with mattress
    & mattress covers
    Two chairs
    Ceiling fan and light
    Electric Outlet
    Covered porch with picnic table
    Fire Extinguisher & Smoke Alarm
    Shelf and clothes rack
    Broom & Dust Pan
    Waste Basket
    Air Conditioner/Heater Unit
    Fire Ring

    What should you bring!

    Sleeping bags or bedding, pillows, towels, toilet articles. Ice chest, cooking stove or grille, pans, outside lantern, plates & utensils, bug spray. All personal items needed for camping.
    Cooking is prohibited in cabins. Electric is limited. Electric appliances are not recommended. A radio or TV is permitted. HEATERS ARE PROHIBITED.

    The campground store sells – ice, campfire wood, charcoal, camper propane, non-refillable propane cylinders, campfire wood, paper goods, food stuffs and other sundries.
We feature air-conditioned Rustic Cabins (Hard-Sided Tents) for you to choose from as well.
Camping at Brook n Wood Campground
Camping at Brook n Wood Campground
Camping at Brook n Wood Campground

Rustic Cabins

$25.00 key & damage cash deposit required.

Daily Peak*
Weekly Peak*
Rustic Cabins $113.00 $118.00 $354.00 $712.00 $743.00
Hard-sided tent, 1 double bed & 2 twin size bunk style, A/C, heat, covered porch, picnic table, fire ring & one car.

Miscellaneous Charges

Extra Person $15.00/Adult, $8.00/Child per night
Visitor of registered camper Day $8.00 / Holiday $16.00
Overnight $15.00 / Holiday $25.00
Electric Car Metered Charge
Extra AC unit(s), refrigerator, washer/dryer, each $8.00 each
Gas Saver Unoccupied Fee 30 Amp $9.00 per night
50 Amp $14.00 per night
Sanitary Dump Registered camper $6.00/per night
Off-road $58.00
Early Arrival (if available) $20.00
Propane Tanks Filled Current Market Value

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1947 County Route 8
Elizaville, NY 12523

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